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A Voice from the Left: Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon, who rose to international stardom as Miranda in the cult-favorite series “Sex and the City,” is running for the public office. More specifially, she has thrown her hat into the ring, to become a candidate for the governor of the state of New York. If she wins the primary election, her chances of securing political edge over her rival, thereby of serving as the executive for 19.8 million Americans, and the world metropolis of New York City, are strong. OOOM joined the aspiring politician on her campaign trail, and enjoyed the opportunity to observe an unconventional, compelling, eloquent, and inspiring candidate.

Story: Herbert Bauernebel Fotos: Tobias Everke19. Juli 2018 No Comments

Political support. One thing becomes quite clear over the course of her appearances: Cuomo and the political establishment of New York would be ill advised to continue to disregard their celebrity opponent’s candidacy as a mere joke. Nixon appears determined to win the race. And, as the saying goes, nothing is impossible in America. The campaign of the political newcomer is gaining momentum at a much faster pace than critics and skeptics would have thought possible. Carlos Menchaca, member of the New York City Council is the first elected official to endorse the former actress. “I proudly endorse Cynthia Nixon to be our next governor of New York. Cynthia stands with immigrants, people of color, and the working class across our state and will fight for respect and dignity for us all,” said Menchaca, the city’s first Mexican-American elected official.

Nixon with her wife Christine Marinoni (above), who accompanies her on the campaign trail.
The TV star has two children from her first marriage to a teacher. 

Meanwhile, Nixon has expanded her campaign team: with L. Joy Williams she brought a veteran of the tough political business with ten-year experience as consultant on board. From here on out, Williams will coordinate Nixon’s electoral campaign, with a stringent focus on strategy, media relations, and voter mobilization.

28% support. A recent poll shows that the liberals are making great headway – but that there is a lot of ground to cover still. According to a survey conducted by “Quinnipiac University,” governor Cuomo retains a solid lead, with 50 over 28 percent, in the race for the Democratic primary- a comfortable 22% buffer. However, in the first polls after Nixon’s official announcement of her candidacy, Cuomo was more than 40% in the lead. The latest data shows that long-term governor Cuomo still leads in every voter group by age and demographic. Nixon scores highest among the young, urban voter group. The actress stated her intention to use every available minute to catch up with and eventually overtake Cuomo. And she maintains constant pressure on Cuomo, for example, by challenging him to a televised debate – an unusual step in a state primary for this elected office. The experienced politician Cuomo, for whom such a TV debate should not pose much of a problem, has rejected the idea in the past. But Nixon followed up on Twitter: “I believe voters deserve to hear a frank and direct discussion of the real issues facing New Yorkers,” she said in a video addressed at Cuomo.

It seems to have worked. Perhaps merely in a bid for time, a speaker for the incumbent governor recently communicated Cuomo’s has yet to make a decision about the proposed debate. In his rebuttals and take-downs of Nixon, Cuomo has focused mainly on her lack of experience in the complex field of politics. Nixon countered that the management skills she has acquired and proven as a director qualify her as future head of the governmental administration of New York, with its 130,000 employees.

A victory, already. Across the board, Cynthia Nixon’s activism is met with appreciation and admiration. In the words of New York Magazine, “Cynthia Nixon has already won”. The authors point out that Nixon has forced the sitting governor, Cuomo, leftward, compelling his adoption of a considerably more progressive political course of action than he would otherwise be inclined or even imposed upon to take by powers within his own party .

Nixon must have been flattered to hear that, but she wants more: she wants to win.

19. Juli 2018