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#2 Jane Fonda: A Legendary Rebel

Iconic actress, fitness queen, sex symbol, rebel – Jane Fonda was many things in her life. She became a peace activist during the Vietnam War, and almost 50 years later she has raised her political voice again. As a climate activist, Fonda is engaged in passionate, radical, and fearless protest for a better world, having been arrested many times since October while leading weekly demonstrations on Washington’s Capitol Hill. She knows: “We can’t abandon the youth in their fight for their future.” She has become a beacon of hope for the climate movement. The OOOM 100 jury ranked Jane Fonda #2 in its “The World’s Most Inspiring People 2019” ranking: a role model and heroine of our time.

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jane fonda ooom magazin

jane fonda ooom magazin

A voice of rebellion. The actress sees quite a few of her past choices critically today. In 1972, surrounded by journalists, she posed sitting on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun – in her own words her “biggest mistake.” The US government exploited the situation to turn popular opinion in her home country against her. On the other hand, Fonda avoids attacking veterans, who are generally held in very high esteem in the United States. Her appearance at the peak of the Vietnam War led her to be dubbed “Hanoi Jane” – a sobriquet that sticks to her even today, not least because she was once again very vocal in her criticism of a US military engagement in the mid-2000s – this time in Iraq.

Not leaning back. Jane Fonda was married three times and has three children. Her last marriage, with CNN founder Ted Turner, lasted until 2001. In 2017 she and her then partner, music producer Richard Perry, separated. Now, at age 82, her dating life is over, she says. This, however, does not mean that Fonda is slowing down. According to her, she has never been happier than she is now as an elder lady. “This is the best part of my life – and I am far from done yet!” Since 2015, Fonda has starred in the successful Netflix series “Grace and Frankie” alongside Lily Tomlin. The actresses impersonate two wives whose husbands left them to start a homosexual relationship with each other. Production of the newest season is scheduled to start in early 2020 in Los Angeles. Until then – Jane Fonda leaves no room for doubt about it – she will be on the streets of Washington, DC, to protest every week.



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