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OOOM 100-Ranking: Voices from the Jury

Why them? We are asked this question again and again. A Cross-Section of quotes.

Georg Kindel20. Dezember 2019 No Comments
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“He is a man of faith who puts humanity above every dogma. He sees the individual whom the church is supposed to serve. He is embarrassed by glamour. He has a remarkable personality.”
Matthias Strolz on Pope Francis

“She is the youngest woman ever to be voted into the US Congress, and she surprised our entire nation with a sweeping victory. She’s the hope of all Democrats, a woman we will hear a lot from in the future as well.”
Mathis Wackernagel on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

ooom100 ocasio cortez

“As governor of California, he showed how to lead a state with vision and focus. With Donald Trump taking office, Arnold Schwarzenegger became America’s conscience.“
Georg Kindel on A. Schwarzenegger

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“She’s the Prime Minister every country can only dream of: she is confident, decisive, and empathetic. She does not shy away from confrontation but tries to solve disputes amicably. She has tact as well as courage. She is an inspiring woman who shows us what competent politics can look like today.”
Andrea Tartaglia on Jacinda Ardern

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“She’s a politician with a spine, a woman representing the other, the better America. She is a person who wants to serve her country. Pelosi is almost 80 years old, but her thinking is more visionary, inspired and progressive than that of many 30-year-olds.”
Gilles Masse on Nancy Pelosi

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“Jérôme is an entrepreneur and a social media star, but above all, he is a human being. When thousands were in threat of starving in Somalia due to a severe drought, he collected four million euros in just a few days and brought aid supplies into the country himself. This is what a modern hero looks like.”
Christina Zappella-Kindel on Jérôme Jarre

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20. Dezember 2019