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OOOM 100 – The World’s Most Inspiring People 2017

Who inspired, influenced, motivated and fascinated us most in 2017? OOOM presents its 2017 “OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People” list. Football icon COLIN KAEPERNICK, the first NFL star who chose to kneel during the national anthem to show protest against police brutality toward people of color, has topped this year’s OOOM 100 list. Actress EMMA WATSON was ranked second in recognition of her charitable commitment, followed by French president EMMANUEL MACRON in third place.

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51 Stefan Sagmeister, Graphic Designer

(54) He has changed the way people view design. With the Happy Show, the result of a ten-year study that was shown in leading museums throughout the world, and his Happy Film, he redefined the term happiness for many.

52 Charlize Theron, Actress

(3) “We can be the generation that brings an end to the AIDS epidemic,” says Charlize Theron, who, for the past 10 years, through her Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), has been educating young Africans on how to protect themselves from HIV. The UN Messenger of Peace and Academy Award winner spends a great deal of time in South Africa and other parts of the continent, directly helping to coordinate local aid organizations such as WhizzKids United, Drama For Life and HIVSA. New infection rates are continually dwindling, certainly due to the sustained efforts of Charlize Theron – a woman who is an inspiration to many.

53 Jamie Oliver, Chef and Bestselling Author

Photo Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

(43) Started an initiative for healthier school lunches. Gives jobs to unemployed youth.

54 Alessandro Michele, Gucci Designer

(76) Through his uniquely creative design ideas he was able to initiate the greatest comeback of a legendary fashion label.

55 Parov Stelar, Electronic Music Star

(26) Inspires millions around the globe with his blues- and swing-infused electronic music.

56 Jane Goodall, Anthropologist & Animal Rights Activist

(50) The courageous British anthropologist studied the behavior of chimpanzees in order to better understand human behavior. A pioneering researcher who comes closer to finding the “missing link” than nearly anyone else.

57 Guido Kroemer, Molecular Scientist

(NEW) A pioneer in the fields of cell biology and cancer research. Investigates cellular death.

58 Doc Lew Childre, Founder of HeartMath Institute

(NEW) Conducts breathtaking studies of the human heart with his legendary scientific institute.

59 Anja R. Loven, Danish Aid Worker

(1) Is continually saving abandoned children from torture and sure death because of tragic age-old superstitions. She organizes schools that take these children and provide them with an education and gives them food and a new, safe home in the orphanage she founded. Saves children in Africa. A heroine of our times.

60 James P. Allison, Nobel Laureate Candidate

(NEW) Discovered the switch in the molecular system that enables our bodies to detect cancer cells. A pioneer.

61 Spike Jonze, Director & Writer

(NEW) Invented Jackass and won an Oscar for Her. His music videos left an imprint on popular culture.

62 Jimmy Carter, 39th US President

(NEW) Conscience of America. Nobel Peace Prize laureate and philanthropist. More important than ever.

63 Russell Brand, Motivator & Actor

(29) He has evolved from an outrageous bad boy to a spiritual superstar who wants to change the world for the better and is setting the best example.

64 Ruben Östlund, Film Director

Photo Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

(NEW) Won the Golden Palm in Cannes with his satiric drama The Square. Genius.

65 David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine Monk

(59) The Vienna-born Steindl-Rast studied anthropology, art and psychology and is noted for his active facilitation of interfaith dialogue as well as his groundbreaking work on the interaction between spirituality and science. He is the founder of

66 Stephen Hawking, Global Visionary

(46) The theoretical physicist and cosmologist is also a concerned humanist who has found the right words to make the fascinating makeup of our universe understandable to almost everyone.

67 Carlo Ventura, Molecular Biologist

(49) At the University of Bologna in Italy he was able to invert the aging process. Will it be the foundation for life extension?

68 Thaddaeus Ropac, Gallerist

(NEW) Represents some of the greatest names in the art world. Communicates the fascination of art to a wide audience.

69 Stanislav Grof, Philosopher

(NEW) Founder of transpersonal psychology, which explains time, space and consciousness.

70 Jonathan Ive, Apple Designer

(16) He has designed all the iconic Apple products, from the iPhone to the iPad, and has shaped the mind-set of the techie generation around the world.

71 Bruno Latour, Sociologist, Philosopher

(NEW) Founder of the actor-network theory, a sociological school of thought.

72 Waris Dirie, Women’s Rights Activist

(13) A former super model, Waris Dirie revealed her own experiences with female genital mutilation in a compelling book Desert Flower, which became an international bestseller (12 million copies sold). In the meantime, she has become one of the leading global spokespersons against this horrific practice.

73 Ólafur Elíasson, Artist

(23) With his Little Sun, a plastic solar lamp, he brings light into the lives of people in communities without electricity.

74 Dean Radin, Scientist & Bestselling Author

(NEW) Conducts research into paranormal phenomena at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Shows us a different view of the world.

75 George Takei, Mr. Sulu & Activist

(68) The Star Trek icon and human rights activist has been an active proponent of LGBT rights and has almost 10.3 million Facebook followers.

76 Bono, Eternal Humanist

(41) Promotes peace and the fight against AIDS. Experienced a comeback as a singer with Songs of Experience.

77 Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

(20) In Basilicata, Italy, she established the first City of Peace for children. With her World Centers of Compassion for Children she wants to create a just and peaceful world for children. She truly is a beacon of hope.

78 Jessica Walsh, Graphic Designer

(NEW) With her creative style and partner #51, Stefan Sagmeister, she is a staple in the US graphic design scene.

79 Teodor Currentzis, Conductor

(NEW) The Greek rebel of classical music shapes the scene like few others.

80 Klaus Biesenbach, Chief Curator at Large, MoMA, NYC

(NEW) Further strengthened the status of the Museum of Modern Art in New York as the world’s top museum.

81 Raymond Kurzweil, Futurist

(45) He is Google’s director of engineering, founder of the Singularity University and, without doubt, one of the most influential people in the cyber world.

82 Kofi Annan, Conscience & Admonitory Voice

(NEW) The former UN secretary general is still active in his quest to save the world, most recently with a visit to the pope.

83 Roger Penrose, Mathematician & Physicist

(NEW) Developed the twistor theory and a model of loop quantum gravitation. A brilliant mind.

84 Nir Barzilai, Scientist

(NEW) The founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, is developing a pill against aging.

85 Alaa Murabit, Peace Activist

(31) Established The Voice of Libyan Women at the age of 21. She is a UN high-level commissioner on health employment and economic growth.

86 Tamas Bartfai, Neuroscientist

(NEW) Conducted research into the causes of fever and now works on a therapy for Alzheimer’s.

87 Wolfgang Tillmans, Photo Artist

(NEW) His impressive images are shown around the world, from the Tate Modern to Fondation Beyeler.

88 Michel Houellebecq, Author

(NEW) The provocative conscience of France. A reactionary cautioner.

89 Elfie Semotan, Photo Artist

(NEW) Her pictures became icons of our time and reveal the soul.

90 Shirin Neshat, Artist

(NEW) A fascinating artist who engages with the role of women in the Muslim world.

91 Aubrey de Grey, Biogerontologist

(NEW) Aims to stop the aging process. His research is supported by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel.

92 Peter Diamandis, Founder of XPRIZE Foundation

(62) Diamandis is an engineer, physician and entrepreneur, innovator and visionary. His XPRIZE Foundation was initially an incentive competition to inspire a new generation of private passenger-carrying spaceships. In the meantime, XPRIZE has been expanded into various areas.

93 Mirela Sula, Women’s Rights Activist

(NEW) Founder of the Global Woman magazine. Organizes the Global Woman Summit.

94 Enrique Steiger, Cosmetic Surgeon

(15) For three months every year he risks his life in war zones to help the maimed victims of conflicts. A true hero.

95 FKA twigs, Electronic Musician

(NEW) Tahliah Barnett inspires and delights critics and audiences with a mix of electro and R&B.

96 Charly Kleissner, Impact Investor

(NEW) Created OS X together with Steve Jobs. Now he supports social entrepreneurs.

97 Larry Harvey, Burning Man Festival Cofounder

(56) The visionary cofounder of one of the most unique and inspirational annual festivals held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, Burning Man. An experiment in community and art, it is visited by more than 60,000 people each year.

98 Nick Cave, Musician

(NEW) The artist and songwriting theoretician fascinates with his eternal melancholy.

99  Sponge Bob, Square Pants

(NEW) Remains optimistic and keeps smiling even in the darkest hours.

100 Donald Trump, 45th US President

(NEW) Thank you, Mr. President! You did a lot for this planet. After the end of the Cold War, after years of steadily increasing trust among the nations and people of this planet, after decades without a world war, we already thought the dark times behind us. Nations of the world pursued shared goals to protect the environment. The USA and Russia became partners and gradually learned to trust each other. The global wealth increased. And then you appeared: a president who bends truth as he needs it, who is incapable or unwilling to keep his office and his private businesses separate, a politician who wants to build walls, creates chaos and probably thinks Rilke and Stendhal are soap opera stars.

You have pulled us out of our comfort zone. We are back on the streets to protest; we form light chains; we start grassroots movements. We sing songs against stupidity and proudly bend our knee during the national anthem when others stand up, and while we still cannot quite believe it, President George W. Bush’s era seems today glorious compared to your presidency.

Thank you, Mr. President! We finally have a reason again to stand up for decency and dignity, for values, fairness, ideals, equal opportunities and freedom. You made it possible.

18. Dezember 2017