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OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People

Who has inspired, influenced, or motivated us the most in 2019? For the fourth time, OOOM presents its annual “OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People” list. No less than eight women are in the top 10. The OOOM editorial board and a prominent international jury joined forces to create this unique list.

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41 Hans Ulrich Obrist, Art Curator

(34) The director of the Serpentine Galleries inspires a love for art in millions.

42 Nick Cave, Musician and Poet

(NEW) With his album Ghosteen, he proved that one can reach his artistic peak at age 62.

43 Jakob K. Steensen, Shooting Star in Art

(NEW) Danish artist and art director renowned for his unusual installations.

44 Abiy AhmedPresident of Ethiopia

(45) He made a peace pact with Eritrea immediately after taking office and has reformed his country.

45 Leonardo DiCaprioGlobal Conscience

(68) He fights for endangered species and for the climate with his foundation. He is a hero.

46 David Byrne, Artist

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(NEW) This founder of Talking Heads is touring with American Utopia and has increasingly focused on film.

47 Jameela Jamil, TV Host, Influencer

(NEW) She is an advocate for the rights of disabled people, and started “Why Not People?”

48 Ellen DeGeneres, Entertainer

(42) She is the most important talk show host in the USA, and has inspired hope in the LGBT community.

49 Taylor Swift, Singer

(63) One of the world’s most inspiring singers, she received the Artist of the Decade award at the American Music Awards.

50 David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine Monk

(35) He is a spiritual teacher who inspires millions, and founded

51 Chimamanda Adichie, Writer

(NEW) This Nigerian author’s oeuvre is considered an outstanding example of African literature.

52 Eckhart TolleBest-Selling Author

(94) As a spiritual teacher, he captivates millions of people around the world, including Jim Carrey.

53 Asmik Grigorian, Opera Singer

(NEW) She received an enthusiastic reception at the Salzburg Festival in Salome. A new opera star rises.

54 Lewis Hamilton, Race Car Driver

(NEW) This six-time Formula 1 world champion fights child poverty with his foundation.

55 Deepak Chopra, Inspirational Leader

(44) He is a best-selling author who brings spirituality to millions of people.

56 Lil MiquelaInfluencer

(NEW) She influences millions of people, even though she is not real.

57 Ramla Ali, Somali Boxer

(NEW) As the first female Somali boxer to win a gold medal, she is an inspiration as both a model and an athlete.

58 Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Prize Laureate

(71) She fights for children’s right to education with her Malala Fund.

59 Raymond KurzweilFuturist

ray kurzweil ooom100 ooom magazin

(48) As Google’s director of engineering, he changes the world with his way of thinking.

60 Renzo Rosso, Founder of DIESEL

(NEW) He created the global brand DIESEL, and now he aims to change the way we live.

61 Anand Giridharadas, Writer

(NEW) In Winners Take All, he explained why philanthropy is a means of maintaining wealth.

62 Precious Okoyomon, Poet and Artist

(NEW) She has captivated the art world with “A Drop of Sun Under the Earth.”

63 Max Hollein, Museum Director

(NEW) He brings a new dynamism to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Widely lauded.

64 Jane Goodall, Behavioral Scientist

(57) She has researched primates to further the understanding of humans. She is a titan.

65 Dominic Thiem, Tennis Player

Dominic Thiem ooom100 ooom magazin

(NEW) This new tennis star catapulted himself into 4th place in the ATP world ranking.

66 Olafur Eliasson, Artist

(NEW) He brings light to the farthest reaches of Africa with Little Sun. He is a global art star on a mission.

67 Bono, Eternal Humanist

(75) He advocates for peace, fights against AIDS, and collects funds with Pharrell Williams for the organization RED.

68 Sinéad Burke, Writer

(NEW) She is an activist who advocates for the integration of people afflicted with achondroplasia.

69 Stefan Sagmeister, Graphic Designer

(66) He expands our understanding of design and redefines an age-old concept with his show “Beauty.”

70 Nipun Mehta, Founder of ServiceSpace

(55) This former advisor to Obama has changed Silicon Valley with social impact companies.

71 Arthur Jafa, Artist

(NEW) African American art star who caused a stir at the Venice Biennale.

72 Ariane Spanier, Designer

(NEW) Designer from Berlin who creates art works for The New York Times and the Washington Post.

73 Mathis Wackernagel, Footprint Inventor

(36) He is a global pioneer in the climate cause and the inventor of the environmental footprint.

74 Grimes, Singer

(NEW) Music producer from Vancouver who surprises people with her characteristic voice.

75 Philippe Parreno, Artist

(NEW) He creates installations as experiences, and combines music, film, text and drawings.

76 Zhang Yiming, Internet Pioneer

(NEW) Chinese multibillionaire who launched the new platform TikTok.

77 Jonathan S. Foer, Writer

(NEW) The best-selling author of Eating Animals wants to inspire action with We Are the Weather.

78 Laverne Cox, Actress

laverne cox ooom100 ooom magazin

(NEW) She is widely lauded for her performance as a transsexual person in Orange Is the New Black, and she advocates for LGBT rights.

79 Miuccia Prada, Entrepreneur

(NEW) Designer in chief who brought the fashion brand back to its old form.

80 sujatha baligaRestorative Justice Project

(NEW) She aims to reintegrate convicts into society through reparation programs.

20. Dezember 2019