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OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People

Who has inspired, influenced, or motivated us the most in 2018? For the third time, OOOM presents the annual ranking “OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People”, based on votes from an international jury.

Georg Kindel5. Dezember 2018 No Comments

 41 Robert Mueller, Trump Special Investigator

(NEW) Former Head of FBI on a steadfast mission to find the real truth.

42 Ellen DeGeneres, Entertainer

(22) America’s most important talk master, gives hope and inspiration to millions in the LGBT community.

43 Es Devlin, Designer

(NEW) Creates stage worlds for U2, Lady Gaga, Louis Vuitton and builds AI-controlled sculptures.

44 Deepak Chopra, Inspirational Leader

ooom 100 Deepak Chopra

ooom 100 Deepak Chopra

(35) Bestselling author, opens a path to spirituality to a readership of millions.

45 Abiy Ahmed, President of Ethiopia

(NEW) Made peace with Eritrea immediately after taking office and reformed his country.

 46 Charlize Theron, Actress

(52) Fights against AIDS in South Africa with her “Africa Outreach Project.”

47 Waris Dirie, Women’s Rights Activist

(72) Genital mutilation declined from 71.4% (1995) to 8% in East Africa, thanks to her efforts to fight this practice.

48 Raymond Kurzweil, Futurist

(81) Google’s Director of Engineering changes the world with his ideas.

49 Russell Brand, Motivator

(63) Former outlaw turned spiritual superstar. Wants to change the world and started with himself.

50 David Hockney, Painter

(47) Most influential – and most expensive – artist of our time (“Portrait of an Artist” valued at USD 90 million).

51 Arianna Huffington, Media Entrepreneur

(17) Founded the online newspaper Huffington Post, fights stress with her organization entitled Thrive Global.

52 Wes Anderson, Director

(NEW) Created a masterpiece with his animation movie Isle of Dogs. Stood out as a curator as well.

53 David O’Reilly, Artist and Filmmaker

(NEW) Utilized the video game genre for his 3D art, works with artists including Spike Jonze and U2.

54 Nicole Kidman, Actress

ooom 100 nicole kidman

ooom 100 nicole kidman

(NEW) Shines a spotlight on violence in marriages in her TV series “Big Little Lies;” fights for women’s rights with UNIFEM.

55 Nipun Mehta, ServiceSpace Founder

(NEW) Ex-Obama advisor changes Silicon Valley with social impact companies.

56 Arno Geiger, Author

(NEW) Touches our hearts with his oeuvre, saves us from a “one-dimensional perspective.”

57 Jane Goodall, Behavioral Scientist

(56) Conducted research with primates to better understand us humans. A titan.

58 Rachel Rose, Video Artist

(NEW) Creates multifaceted art full of poetry that viewers return to over and over again.

59 Larry Dossey, Bestselling Author

(NEW) Spent decades of research into the influence of thoughts on healing processes.

60 Vitalik Buterin, Inventor of Ethereum

(NEW) Created a decentralized software platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

61 Amy Schumer, Actress

(NEW) Holds the mirror up to Americans and teaches them a lesson in self-irony.

62./63. Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Google Founders

(43/44) Have changed the world with Google since 1998. They conduct research into artificial intelligence, consciousness, medicine. If it is for the good of humanity, then by all means – continue. If the aim is global power – stop right there, guys!

64 Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

ooom 100 angela merkel

ooom 100 angela merkel

(NEW) Is under attack in her own country; remains Europe’s last solid rock in times of turmoil.

65 Oprah Winfrey, The Voice of America

(15) TV host and entrepreneur, donated hundreds of millions of USD for charitable causes.

66 Stefan Sagmeister, Graphic Designer

(51) Changes our perception of design, redefines the concept of “Beauty” in his new show.

67 Josef Penninger, Geneticist

(36) Aims to decode the defect genes responsible for 10,000 rare diseases. A pioneer.

68 Leonardo DiCaprio, Global Conscience

(12) Fights with his foundation for climate preservation and endangered animal species. A hero.

69 Prince Harry, Prince of Hearts

(28) His marriage to #13 made him beloved in the nation. A fresh breeze for the monarchy.

70 Harald Höppner, Sea Watch Founder

(NEW) Bought fishing boats and started saving refugees in the Mediterranean. A hero of our time.

71 Malala Yousafzai, Children’s Rights Activist

(NEW) Fights for the rights of children to receive an education with her Malala Funds.

72 Jean Nouvel, Architect

(NEW) Designed the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a masterpiece with a spectacular dome.

73 Emma Watson, Actress

ooom 100 Emma Watson

ooom 100 Emma Watson

(2) Fights for equal rights for women as special UN Ambassador. Inspiration for many.

74 Michele de Luca, Scientist

(NEW) Developed genetic therapy as the first step to heal butterfly children.

75 Bono, Eternal Humanist

(76) Activist for peace and against AIDS, collects funds with Pharrell Williams for the organization RED.

76 Carl June, Pioneer of Genetic Therapy

(NEW) Developed the first cancer therapy with specifically modified genetic cells.

77 Alyssa Milano, Actress

(NEW) Mobilized millions of women to share their experiences of sexual violence under the #metoo movement.

78 Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

(77) Created the first city of peace for children in Basilica, Italy.

79 Masami Saionji, Spiritual Leader

(NEW) Member of the Japanese royal family Ryukyu; started a movement for world peace.

80 Edward Snowden, Whistle Blower

(NEW) Uncovered the global practice of surveillance and espionage. An eye-opener for the entire world.

5. Dezember 2018