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OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People

Who has inspired, influenced, or motivated us the most in 2018? For the third time, OOOM presents the annual ranking “OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People”, based on votes from an international jury.

Georg Kindel5. Dezember 2018 No Comments

81 Adam Neumann, WeWork Founder

(NEW) Changes the way we work around the globe with his USD 20 billion startup.

82 Sister Lucy Kurien, Maher Founder

(NEW) Gave a home to thousands of Indian street children with her organization. A heroine.

83 Christiana Figueres, Former UNFCCC Director

(NEW) Fought for the climate convention for six years; explains environmental problems to us.

84 Denis Mukwege, Activist

(NEW) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who fights against sexual violence in war.

85 Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of Original Content

(NEW) Decides what Netflix plays; changes the way we watch television.

86 Parov Stelar, Global Star

(55) Inspires 150 million listeners with his electronic music that fuses blues and swing.

87 Renzo Piano, Architect

(NEW) Whether The New York Times building or The Shard in London: He brings light into architecture.

88 Helene Fischer, Singer

ooom 100 helene fischer

ooom 100 helene fischer

(NEW) Positive spirit leads to success: number eight on the Forbes list, more successful than Céline Dion.

89 Charly Kleissner, Impact Investor

(96) In the past he created OSX with Steve Jobs; now he supports social entrepreneurs.

90 Jimmy Fallon, TV Presenter

(NEW) Makes America laugh with his “Tonight Show”. Top entertainment.

91 Cao Fei, Media Artist

(NEW) Chinese art pioneer, fuses video with 3D animation and virtual reality.

92 Peter Wohlleben, Bestselling Author

(NEW) Wrote global bestseller about trees and the inner life of animals.

93 Ruben Östlund, Director

(64) Won the Golden Palm in Cannes with his satire “The Square.” Genius.

94 Eckhart Tolle, Bestselling Author

(NEW) Inspires millions around the globe, including Jim Carrey, as a spiritual leader.

95 Ervin László, Club of Budapest

(25) The science philosopher explains the world and our consciousness to us. A genius.

 96 Jessica Walsh, Graphic Designer

(78) With partner Stefan Sagmeister (#66) and her style, she shapes the U.S. graphic design scene.

97 Otto Scharmer, MIT Scientist

(NEW) Developed the “Theory U,” a future-oriented change management theory.

98 Yvonne Catterfeld, Singer/Actress

(NEW) Her lyrics touch our hearts. Not often is music that beautiful and inspiring.

99 Peggy Whitson, Astronaut

(NEW) Holds the record for a woman with 665 days in space. A true pioneer.

100 Emma Stone, Actress

(NEW) After La La Land, she plays a 17th-century maid in The Favourite. Outstanding.


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5. Dezember 2018