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OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People 2020

For the fifth time, OOOM presents its annual ranking: “OOOM 100: The World’s Most Inspiring People”. Who were the people to inspire and motivate us in this crisis-driven year 2020? Who has shown true leadership on a path towards a better future?

GEORG KINDEL29. Dezember 2020 No Comments

71 Prince Charles, Heir to the British throne
(36) Works tirelessly on charity missions around the globe while he waits for the throne.

72 Thelma Golden, Harlem Studio Museum
(NEW) Visionary director whose Harlem Studio Museum will relocate into a building by David Adjaye.

73 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. politician
(13) The shooting star of American politics. Aims to change the country. The time is ripe.

74 Deepak Chopra, Inspirational leader
(55) Bestselling author. Communicates spirituality to an audience of millions around the world.

75 Fred Moten, Professor at New York University
(82) Produces theoretical and practical work focusing on Black studies.

76 Neil Ferguson, Epidemiologist
(NEW) Studies the spreading patterns of infectious diseases; calculates Covid-19 case numbers.

77 Nancy Pelosi, U.S. politician
(6) Trump’s nightmare, a voice of conscience as the speaker of the US House of Representatives.

78 Bobi Wine, Ugandan politician
(NEW) African pop star turned politician who fights for tolerance and against corruption.

79 Ursula von der Leyen, German politician
(NEW) The strong woman in the European control room, a politician who stands up for her values. Competence personified.

80 Tyler Perry, Producer & founder of Tyler Perry Studios
(NEW) The first person of color to found an independent film studio, Tyler Perry Studios.

81 Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland
(81) Aims to redefine the country’s GDP: environmental protection instead of destructive growth.

82 Jane Fonda, Iconic actress
(2) An impassioned fighter for climate protection and a better world.

83 Michael Landau, Director of Caritas Austria
(87) Fights poverty around the world; helps children in war zones. A role model for all of us.

84 Masami Saionji, Spiritual leader 
(Re-Entry) A member of the Japanese royal Ryukyu family. Co-founded the global event “Source of Wonder”.

85 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Philanthropist
(19) Former green governor. Most recently, Trump’s moral nemesis.

86 Anja Ringgren-Lovén, Development aid worker 
(Re-Entry) Saves children in Africa from certain death. A hero of our time.

87 Hildur Gudnadottir, Composer
(NEW) The first woman to win the Oscar for Best Original Score for her music for “Joker.”

88 Nathan Law, Hong Kong politician
(NEW) Fights for independence in Hong Kong. Even went to prison for the cause.

89 MacKenzie Scott, Author
(NEW) Donated 1.7 billion USD to 116 organizations. Very generous.

90 Ronny Kokert, Freedom fighter
(NEW) Traveled to Lesbos to help refugees in Moria. A true role model.

91 Thaddaeus Ropac, Gallerist
(92) Art world visionary. Represents some of the biggest names in art.

92 David Attenborough, Natural historian
(NEW) Fights for climate protection. Brings nature into our homes with his films.

93 Bill McKibben, Environmental activist
(NEW) A global thought-leader in the field of climate change. Founded

94 Amy Sherald, Painter
(NEW) Expands American realism in the arts with her portraits. Top.

95 Stacey Abrams, U.S. politician
(NEW) The architect of change in Georgia. Instrumental in Biden’s victory in the state.

96 Louis Scott, Prison inmate
(NEW) Incarcerated for the past 24 years, he founded a radio station and a newspaper. Reformed.

97 Steven Pinker, Harvard psychologist
(NEW) Bill Gates calls his book Enlightenment Now the “most important book of all times.”

98 Leonardo DiCaprio, Global conscience activist
(45) Has taken a step back from the entertainment limelight to fight for endangered species and the climate.

99 Denis Mukwege, Doctor & activist
(84) Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Fights against sexual violence in war times.

100 George Takei, Mr. Sulu & activist
(NEW) A star of “Star Trek.” Stands up for gay rights. An icon of the LGBTQ+ community.

29. Dezember 2020