Which people have inspired, influenced, motivated or inspired us? OOOM's title story “OOOM 100: The World's Most Inspiring People” was covered by more than 500 media outlets around the globe, from CNN to The Independent.

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11 MATTHIEU RICARD | Buddhist teacher

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Mattheiu Ricard is a molecular biologist who became a Buddhist Monk. He has written numerous books about his path to enlightenment, which have become international bestsellers.

12 ELLEN DEGENERES | Entertainer / TV Host

When Ellen became the first major TV-star to reveal that she was a lesbian she gave millions in the LGTB community hope and inspiration.

13 WARIS DIRIE | Women’s activist

A former super model, Waris Dirie revealed her own experiences with female genital mutilation in a compelling book “Desert Flower,” which became an international bestseller (12 million copies sold). In the meantime, she has become one of the leading global spokespersons against this horrific practice.

14 RICHARD BRANSON | Virgin founder

Established B-Team, which brings together global leaders from business, civil society, and government to facilitate better ways of doing business and prioritizing the wellbeing of the people and the planet. A much needed initiative.

15 ENRIQUE STEIGER | Cosmetic surgeon

For three months every year he risks his life in war zones to help the maimed victims of conflicts. A true hero.

16 JONATHAN IVE | Apple designer

He has designed all the iconic Apple products from the iPhone to the iPad and has shaped the mindset of the techie generation around the world.

17 PETER WOHLLEBEN | Bestselling author & forest ranger

Eloquently explains why animals have souls and writes compellingly about the lives of trees.

18 GEORGE CLOONEY | The good guy

Has been actively engaged in aiding refugees in Darfur and South Sudan, helping to save the lives of thousands. He has successfully employed his celebrity status to bring attention to ongoing regional conflicts and the ensuing appalling conditions of the civilian population.

19 HANS ULRICH OBRIST | Director Serpentine Galleries

Through interviews and various international activities Hans Ulrich Obrist is bringing the wonderfully inspirational world of art closer to millions around the world.


20 BETTY WILLIAMS | Nobel peace prize laureate

In Basilicata, Italy, she established the first City of Peace for children. With her World Centers of Compassion for Children she wants to create a just and peaceful world for children. She truly is a beacon of hope.

21 OPRAH WINFREY | America’s conscience

Oprah Winfrey is an American TV-icon, a successful entrepreneur, and inspiring philanthropist. She has influenced the mindset of many Americans for decades and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable causes.

22 DEEPAK CHOPRA | Inspirational leader

The bestselling author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate brings a new way of thinking and provides a unique insight to life, thereby inspiring millions.


With his “Little Sun,” a plastic solar lamp, he brings light into the lives of people in communities without electricity.

24 MATHIS WACKERNAGEL | Sustainable advocate

The Swiss-born engineer is known for creating the ecological footprint concept and heads an international think tank that focuses on developing and promoting metrics for sustainability.


He was the first person to successfully ascend all 14 peaks over 8000 meters, including Mt. Everest. His adventurism proves that a pioneering spirit accepts no boundaries.

26 PAROV STELAR | Internationally acclaimed electronic music star

The Austrian artist is one of the pioneers of electro swing. His unique music in which he combines dance beats with blues and swing elements inspires hundreds of millions of people around the world, can be heard in successful movies, TV series, and advertising spots, and have brought him global recognition.

27 IAN CHENG | Video artist

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It’s quite a feat for a cognitive scientist to become one of the most acclaimed new artists. His unique video installations are inspired by his background in science, yet take on a fascinatingly imaginative life of their own: a virtual ecosystem.

28 BERNIE SANDERS | America’s good conscience

The Vermont Senator inspired millions of Americans with his visionary political ideas and just might have become the President of the United States if the Democratic Party had been more daring.

29 RUSSELL BRAND | Motivator & Actor

He has evolved from outrageous bad boy to a spiritual superstar who wants to change the world for the better and is setting the best example.

30 STELLA MCCARTNEY | Fashion designer

The world-acclaimed designer refuses to employ leather, feathers, or furs in her designs, yet manages to successfully create animal friendly luxury fashion.

31 ALAA MURABIT | Peace activist

Established “The Voice of Libyan Women” at the age of 21. She is a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth.

32 JUSTIN TRUDEAU | Canadian Prime Minister

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Mr. Trudeau is a new type of politician who is highly regarded not only in his native Canada but also around the world. We would need more of his kind.

33 SERGEY BRIN & LARRY PAGE | Google founders

They want to revolutionize the world and improve our lives. That’s their stated goal. Google is researching artificial intelligence, our consciousness, and medical fields. If it’s for the betterment of humankind, then we can only say: please continue.

35 ANGELA MERKEL | Solid rock

In our conflict-torn world we need more steadfast politicians like the German Chancellor. Her commitment to democracy and a more humanitarian world is inspirational indeed.

36 BILL GATES | Philanthropist

With an endowment of 44.3 billion dollars, the private Gates Foundation is instrumental in changing the world through its immense contributions to many humanitarian causes and initiatives.

37 ADELE | Singer

Her songs touch the heart and inspire millions. She’s a strong woman with spirit and verve.

38 ROGER NELSON | Global consciousness

The Princeton professor has proven that there is such a thing as a global consciousness.


He gives insight into Japanese culture and tradition like no one else.

40 MICHAEL BRAUNGART | Cradle-to-cradle creator

The man behind the idea of Cradle-to-Cradle Design that intends to create products to be integrated into an ecologically oriented life-cycle economy. Products that can be used again and again in different forms. An inspiring idea for a more sustainable lifestyle.

41 BONO | The perennial Humanist

He is fervent peace advocate and AIDs activist who continues to be active in numerous humanitarian issues. He even made it onto Glamour Magazine’s list, “The Women of the Year.” A gender-barrier breaker.

42 JOCHEN ZEITZ | B-Team Co-founder

The former Puma CEO wants to make the world a better place and actively supports environmental initiatives. With the extensive Zeitz Collection and his new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town, he is presenting African art to the world.

43 JAMIE OLIVER | Chef & Bestselling author

He is the initiator of the better food in schools campaign and provides jobs for young job seekers. He cleverly uses his celebrity status to promote awareness of many important current issues.


The architect and graphic designer initiated one of the world’s most inspirational international conferences, TED, and has designed and published over 80 books.


(Foto: Michael Lutch, Kurzweil Technologies Inc.)

He is Google’s director of engineering, founder of the Singularity University and, without doubt, one of the most influential people in the cyber world.

46 STEPHEN HAWKING | Global visionary

The theoretical physicist and cosmologist is also a concerned humanist who has found the right words to make the fascinating make-up of our universe understandable to almost everyone.

47 AUNG SAN SUU KYI | Nobel peace prize laureate

The Burmese politician and diplomat was under house arrest for 15 years, but continued her battle to free her country of oppression. She not only has been an inspiration for the citizens of Burma but for people around the world as well.

48 CHRISTO | Artist

He is an artist with a seemingly unbounded imagination. His “Floating Piers” project on the 75,000 sq. meter Lake Iseo in Italy was one of his most fascinating installations. Over 1.3 million people visited this floating work of art.

49 CARLO VENTURA | Molecular biologist

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