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Source Of Wonder: Ready To Be The Change We Need?

Who would have ever thought at the beginning of 2020 that our world will be a different one within less than a year? In times like these we need people who can inspire and motivate us. "Source of Wonder" is a global online event, founded by Masami Saionji, #79 of OOOM 100 The World's Most Inspiring People's list 2018 and member of the Royal Ryukyu Family of Okinawa, her husband Hiroo and "Club of Budapest" founder Ervin Laszlo (#25 in OOOM 100 ranking 2017), aiming to find an answer to a very timely question: Are we ready to be the change we need in the world?

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Source of Wonder

Source of Wonder. In this weirdest of worldwide COVID years, there is another CO-word that is going viral. The caring hands of Masami Saionji, member of the Royal Ryukyu Family of Okinawa, can help boost our immunity: COmmunity.

For 4 days / 2 weekends in October, Masami, her husband Hiroo, and their friend Dr. Ervin Laszlo will join an illustrious group of extraordinary people such as Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, and Roger Nelson in a Livestream event celebrating the 5th-anniversary of The Fuji Declaration. The Fuji Declaration is an international alliance of individuals and organizations that are committed to living and collaborating toward the advancement of a more harmonious and flourishing world. To turn words into actions, an international group of change-makers, game-changers, creatives, and eye-openers from multiple sectors (Consciousness, Education, Economy, Environment, Health, Science, The Arts) will talk to a global audience, providing inspiration and hope.

Masami Saionji

Masami Saionji. It is only two years since OOOM featured Masami Saionji on OOOM’s The World’s 100 Most Inspiring List as Inspirational Leader. But the world has changed, and its change-makers like her who stir the tender inner wonders that have evaded us for too long: our Source. “Masami sensed a seismic shift at the onset of this year and felt compelled to move Heaven and Earth to create a conscious and uplifting event that helps people transition the oncoming tsunami by connecting to their Inner Nature— their Divine Spark”, Alison Goldwyn says who is coordinating the event with Nora Csiszar.

The Fuji Declaration was initiated by Masami Saionji, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, and Hiroo Saionji, originally launched five years ago near Japan’s majestic Mt. Fuji: “The Fuji Declaration calls upon every citizen to ignite the infinite potential and divine spark that dwells within every human being, and reminds us that we are part of a living universe that exhibits boundless diversity yet embraces oneness. It calls on us to co-evolve with one another and with nature in a constructive and coherent relationship.” Over 60 partner organizations and 200 founding signatories have joined this initiative, including heads-of-state, Nobel laureates, scientists, artists, authors, educators, and peace advocates, and tens of thousands of people around the world have endorsed and embraced the Declaration.


How it works. The Livestream event takes place on October 17-18th and October 24-25th, and immediately following each of the four event days, the entire show will be visible online. So, you need not “devour” the entire 3+ hours in one sitting — unless you want. Each day’s event consists of presenters contributing talks, artwork, meditations, videos, interspersed with musical performers, and prayers— all of which are presented in a casual, relaxed style. Listen to inspirational leaders, movers, and shakers such as Jane Goodall, Roger Nelson, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, and many more.

“These architects for change are here to inspire your own divine spark — and become ‘spark-itechts’ for change in a new role on this dynamic new Stage of Life!”, Alison Goldwyn says.

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14. Oktober 2020