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Sebastian Reich: Startup for Generation Z

The Austrian startup scene is growing at a fast pace. Some start at a very early age. Sebastian Reich, 18, is one of those young entrepreneurs. He started his startup linuru during school with a vision to connect groups of motivated students outside of the traditional media like Facebook. His simple business card app allows students to connect in person by scanning their in-App generated QR-codes. This allows connecting with people they met in real life instead of connecting with only virtual friends via Facebook. His app already attracted various student organizations. OOOM spoke to the Viennese about difficulties, future goals, and the Austrian startup scene.

Claudia Huber22. Oktober 2019 No Comments
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Sebastian, you founded linuru already during school?

I always wanted to find and connect with people of my age, but was not aware of any app that allowed that. Most teenagers don’t have LinkedIn, Instagram is used to show your nice vacation places, and no teenager or twen really uses Facebook anymore. So, I started building the first prototypes for an app that functions like an online business card for young people. During that time I met my co-founder Tim who was immediately excited about the whole project.

Was it difficult to find users?

Yes, at the beginning, it was. To acquire more users we started offering organizations the opportunity to have their own online membership dictionary in our app. They loved that. We provide each organization with individual links for the members to download the app and therefore the members are instantly connected. This worked quite well for us because we got many users with each organization. So that’s how we still acquire the majority of our users.

For example, we recently started a cooperation with the High Potentials Network and got great feedback.

How many people work for linuru?

We are six people now. Four programmers joined the team recently and help us fix our endless bugs. They also graduated this year so it’s really cool and fun working with them.

How did you develop the App?

I had no real coding experience so I had to learn to code first. Honestly, it was fun but I’m also happy that my Co-Founder Tim knew some coding as well. Together we build the app, but with many bugs. We just wanted to get the app as fast as possible out and see how users react. That’s also how we realized that we had to add the feature of the membership dictionary to really grow.

Where do you do most of your work?

We have a working place in the WeXelerate building. An investor actually saw us present the app at a Startup event and offered us the working place for free. I really appreciate that because you just get more work done than at Starbucks.

Where is your App available?

You have to contact us via our website in the case that you want linuru for your own organization. We then send you a link for all your members to download the App. If you just want the app for yourself, you can download it in the App or Playstore.

When we talk about startups, we usually think about the Silicon Valley and not Austria. Does Austria have a startup scene?

Yeah, definitely. I met many young people who develop their own products or services. That’s the cool thing with linuru, it just allowed me to meet really interesting people and attend cool events. There also many Startup events and workshops where you can talk with successful Founders and ask them for advice.

How many users do you have and do you already make money?

The collaborations with organizations turned out to be far more successful for us so we will concentrate on those cooperations and still offer downloads for single users on top. We already have several cooperations and some of them are using it for a significant userbase.

We acquired by far the majority of our users through our own individual links and some downloads in the App and Playstore. We don’t make any money and don’t plan to do so in the future. You know, it’s just a cool learning experience and fun to meet a lot of cool people.




22. Oktober 2019